Our Setup Service

This service is designed to optimise the use of the suspension to give the customer a bike that is as easy and pleasurable to ride as possible. It is also ideal for track users and racers to use as a base setting.


The main benefit is that the rider has more confidence in their bike. Mechanical benefits include better wear from the tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets. Financial benefits come from the prolonged life of the mechanical components.


The rider is measured on the bike and the range of adjustment and settings are taken. This data is then used to see where improvements can be made, along with any additional information and/or requests from the rider. Every bike/rider combination is different, so our set up method ‘personalises’ the rider to the bike.


£120. We believe this is the best money you can spend on your bike. There is nothing else you can buy for £120 that will improve your motorcycle as much as this!

Booking an appointment for a set up

To book your bike in for set up contact us with your preferred time and date and we will confirm availability.  Also Set Up available at the following MSVT events;